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Rules For The Bus( Updated Aug 2017)

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 10:47 PM

Rules for the bus

Although the number one rule is to try and have fun we have to lay down a couple of common sense
rules and guidelines ok.

1. This is a multi-cultural community.
Racism will not be tolerated and neither will sexism and discrimination of any type

2. No overly offensive material.
Pornographic or explicitly violent content or links to it will be removed immediately...and so will your posting ability.

3. We don't mind a bit of micky taking and leg pulling between friends but will not have any flaming or trolling.
If we see that a discussion is getting overheated we WILL chill it. But we trust you all to know how far to take it.

4 Remember not only is this a multi-racial community but also peeps here with different tastes and personalities, so choose your language, avatars and signatures carefully, any that is thought to be offensive or in bad taste will be removed by staff.

5. Referral links, links to advertisement sites or similar such scams are not permitted anywhere on the site.
this includes users signatures. Offenders will have their post deleted.

6 Unfortunately this is an English only speaking community although personally Id love to hear about all your lives and travels.

7 Aggression and disrespect to The Bus staff will not be tolerated. They've been given their positions because they are fare trustworthy and open minded but if you feel any misbehavior by anyone will you please send Root Admin a PM and it shall be dealt with. but each moderator's action is a private matter so if you disagree with a Moderator's decision, then discuss it with the Moderator via the PM system instead of using the public topics to complain about it.

8 Ignoring staff pm's and not replying to them will have consequences if it is about a rule breaking matter.

9 We are here to assist and guide you and to help you enjoy your time on The PhotoshopBus but realize that we will also enforce order and remove anything we think is unsuitable.
If there is anything on the forum that you may find offensive please let an Admin know what it is and it will be discussed between us and the peeps concerned in private.

10 If any member is having any problem on site please contact a staff member immediately

11 You are not allowed to make any post linking to (directly or indirectly), advertising, mentioning or recruiting for a website that you are connected or affiliated with in any way either on the forum or by private messanger. You may post a link to your site by placing an affiliation bar with us AFTER you have taken one of ours and placed it into your site. Or discretely in your signature space using your signature controls in the form of a userbar but not exceeding 600x50 px.

13 Important to read.
If your badge/group changes to non active this is because we have automated system in place that IF! you have not posted in a given time frame "60 days" then your group name will change to non active and lock you out of most forums and the shout box..(And the user group need 3 validated posts before can use shoutbox)
So unlock is simple start posting where you can! then at right amount you get unlocked back to original group..
THERE is a but!! they must be valid posts not just some stupid spam stuff to get unlocked this will get a permanent lockout until Admin decide to unlock or not.!.

14. This is now a must new rule as of 2017 rules regarding HTTP protocols have change We (as in every site on the web that take a persons details, even just names and emails like here must comply with) are all being made to change to a secured HTTPS security protocol.
So therefore.. ALL posted url links MUST be in HTTPS form, as HTTP link makes us fail out certificate, so if your image host is not HTTPS find one that is as HTTP links will be deleted whether for an image or a posted url in a thread.

These rules are subject to change at any time and without warning!