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Welcome to the Bus

Hello and Welcome aboard the PhotoshopBus.

Please keep your seat and don't stick your head out of the window.
There will be plenty to see and do on your photoshop journey and enough on site to feed your addiction.
So hold on tight, enjoy the ride - it might get a little bumpy.
Just remember that, It's not stupid to ask questions...but... it is stupid not to ask them!
We were all new to this grafix thing at one time and fumbling around in PhotoShop.
So PLEASE If you need ANYTHING just shout and someone will answer you...
Please read all the rules in the appropriate sections,
And take a minute to say Hello and introduce yourself to your fellow passengers.
In the link below

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Just got on the bus? or Returned after getting lost! Say Hi here.

Drop us a few words about yourself and how you found us?
If you are returning after loosing your way,tell us where you been.perhaps!

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General Rules and Other Site Information.

For General Rules and Other Site Information, These maybe added to at any time so keep checking them out form time to time.

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