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Hello Passengers.
This is basically aimed at those of you that have just arrived back on the Bus after longish absence, and are saying forums are broken etc! as you can't get in some forums..
This is
"NOT" a fault with the forums. take note of the following!
1) You will find you are in a different group. probably "nonactive group".
2) This means your posting rights and access to some forums are restricted.
3) How do you stop being moved to "nonactive" or another lower group. SIMPLE! post, post and post some more.
4) This means proper posting, NOT!! just crap/spam type posting, Say hello again in welcome give use a clue what been doing, in you life.
You will find a couple of PROPER! posts in a forum you can access (Welcome for one!) will unlock forums and move you back as you were before.
5) Regular posting will stop the automated system from moving you to a restrictive group..
IS this new!! some have asked,
Answer "NO it's not" and if you would read the Bus rules etc you would know this.

6) Bus rules also tells you how to reactivate your forum rights..
So again PLEASE read the rules! :Point.left:
So my fellow passengers I hope this will save a lot of pm's etc saying..
It's broke, or why am I not able do so and so!

Just start posting regular say twice a week, picture of your weekend activity's, or your art work, whether it be, Photoshop, or other such software, picture of your paintings, or drawings, or doodles, you get the idea.
Later peeps....
Thanks, cojogo

VERY! Important! This affects us all.

This is Important as it affects every member of the Bus, that has a Photobucket account..Photobucket have just changed their rules/terms of use.. To now rip everyone of us that have FREE! accounts off..

Now go find another FREE! host to move ALL your images to and if been on PB as long as me that is quite a few!.. But I for one am pretty sure when they have a very large removal of account because of this they will delete free accounts regardless..as won't make them money..

YOU! all need to be reading my posting in link below for image hosts that are free.. AND most IMPORTANT of all.. there url's for image post are HTTPS this is very important. so if you have your images on a site that url links are only HTTP we need you to move any image on this site to a image host that uses HTTPS.... after I have sorted all the Bus image links for comps etc.. and my own image links..
I WILL START DELETING any HTTP linked images..That gives time for most people to alter there image links accordingly.
Read all the posts here but especially my #6 post for important info..


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Welcome to the Bus

Hello and Welcome aboard the PhotoshopBus.

Please keep your seat and don't stick your head out of the window.
There will be plenty to see and do on your photoshop journey and enough on site to feed your addiction.
So hold on tight, enjoy the ride - it might get a little bumpy.
Just remember that, It's not stupid to ask questions...but... it is stupid not to ask them!
We were all new to this grafix thing at one time and fumbling around in PhotoShop.
So PLEASE If you need ANYTHING just shout and someone will answer you...
Please read all the rules in the appropriate sections,
And take a minute to say Hello and introduce yourself to your fellow passengers.
In the link below

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Just got on the bus? or Returned after getting lost! Say Hi here.

Drop us a few words about yourself and how you found us?
If you are returning after loosing your way,tell us where you been.perhaps!

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General Rules and Other Site Information.

For General Rules and Other Site Information, These maybe added to at any time so keep checking them out form time to time.

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I need help with Photoshop

No question too small. Any graphics advice.
We've all been there!!!
So don't be afraid to ask.
The only silly question is the one you don't ask!
If we have not got an answer we will assist you to find one!

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General Chat and Discussions

  1. Films and TV ,
  2. Sports

This is the place on the Bus where all the drivers and passengers can sit, chill, and talk about nothing in particular. Can be serious or completely outside the box!! Just remember to stick to the rules.

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General PhotoShop Chat

General chat about versions and such like.

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General Tech help

All things not PhotoShop.

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Fun and Games

Theres always Fun and Games at the back of the Bus

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Report Faults

The place to report any faults found!

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Large works and banners

For Your Wallpapers, large manipulations, banners.

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Signatures and Avatars

Small art made by Bus members

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For sharing your own Photography Gems with your fellow Passengers..

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Presents made for Bus members

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Your Animated creations using any software

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  1. Render Requests ,
  2. Sig and all other Requests


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Basic Photoshop

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Your own or with permission

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Photoshop and all other software

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PhotoJunkies Video Tutorials

  1. photojunkies beginner tutorials

Here we have our own Russell Brown who makes some brilliant tutorials who we have all learned from

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Video Tutorials

  1. Basc Photoshop for beginners ,
  2. Text Effects ,
  3. Photo Manipulation ,
  4. CS5 ,
  5. Rendering and Extracing Images ,
  6. Photoshop Animation ,
  7. Not Photoshop ,
  8. Photoshop CS6 Tools and changes

Photoshop and other grafix tuts from Youtube etc.

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Random Tutorials off site

Odds and Sods! and Photoshop!

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Resource Packs

  1. books/manuals

Packs containing Brushes,Stocks,Renders,C4D's etc for the use in members artwork.

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Sites where to get the Ps preset you may need

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Image and File Hosting Sites

Sites to upload and save your images and files for use on forums

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Sites where to get the plug in you require

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Free wallpapers and stocks

Large list of sites that supply peeps with the images we need

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PSD's from members or with owners permission

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Signature Of The Week. Voting.

This forum is now just for voting in the polls.. all comments to be put in comments section..

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Large Piece Of The Fortnight..Voting.

This forum is now just for voting in the polls.. all comments to be put in comments section..

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Comps Subject and Comments Section.

  1. SOTW Subject and Comments ,
  2. LPOTF Subject and Comments

For all competition subjects and comments.

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